Houston family reunited with dog after he went missing a year and a half ago. Tap the link and watch a video!

The SPCA shelter in Houston, Texas in the United States was entrusted with an injured and malnourished dog found north of the city by shelter services.

In a hurry, the dog was taken to the local Animal Medical Center veterinary clinic. The doctor first cured him and relieved the pain. Once the dog stabilized, he scanned its neck for a microchip.
Luckily, he was indeed provided with a means of identification that said his name was Cash and that his owners, Jessica Ochoa and Justin Carpenter, lived nearby.

“We check every rookie entrusted to us and contact by the number in the account. Every year we reunite hundreds of animals with their families. So always make sure your dog or cat is identified and their information sheet is up to date,” a spokesperson for the shelter said.

So a volunteer called the couple immediately to let them know that Cash, their favorite black and white boxer, was safe.
“It was a shock. We thought we would never see him again, and resigned ourselves. So it was a pleasant surprise and a great joy,” Justin said.
On Friday, September 9, 2022, Justin and Jessica came to the rescue center to fetch their faithful four-legged companion. The dog didn’t seem to believe it either, and was greatly relieved when he realized that his ordeal was finally over.

The dog is recovering at home with his family today. His owners prepare delicious little meals for him that should help him regain his missing weight. Also, his wound is healing.

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