Hope that cutie will get a good forever home soon and lots of «most funny animal award».

Centaur is a loving 4-year-old dog who roamed the streets before being rescued and entrusted to the Austin Animal Center located in Austin, Texas, USA. The unfortunate man arrived in March and has endured since the owners gave him a chance. In the meantime, members of the Association under the spell take care of him. “The centaur is a real cutie, he makes us laugh a lot with his eccentricities. He is smart and full of energy. He loves to play ball and when he lets his vivacity go he becomes very sweet,” said Kelsey Clare, Program Manager Marketing and Communications.

In early May 2022, a severe heat wave hit the region. Therefore, the Centaur himself dipped his paws into the bucket of cold water at his disposal. Kesley posted a picture of a swamp dog on her Facebook page, and the response was immediate.

The community was surprised and moved by the behavior of the Centaur. The post got almost 1,500 likes and was shared 200 times. So much so that netizens have rallied to offer the dog a new bone-shaped pool.

However, the reaction of the Centaur was not as expected.

Indeed, even with a much more spacious basin at his disposal, the Centaur preferred to spin around his bucket and dip his paws into it. «Well turns out the Centaur is surprisingly quirky… Come and get a dog with character,» Kelsey wrote in an updated Facebook post.

However, the volunteers did not give up. Through perseverance, the Centaur finally accepted the pool. “Now he loves her. He especially likes to look for goodies at the bottom and, of course, wallow in the mud as soon as he gets out, ”confirmed Kelsey. However, the dog still loves his water bucket.

The members of the shelter hope that the Centaur will quickly win the hearts of the adoptees. “He is looking for an active family that will take him on an adventure. It’s not built to live in a box,” Kesley said.

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