Homeless cat with ugliness conquered fans of social networks and his new family!

Adopted in record time. Hours after posting on Facebook with a touch of humor, the cat, who had just been adopted into a shelter, found her new family for life. The story we wish we knew every day, People reports.

The Kansas Humane Society, based in Wichita, Kansas, recently accepted Jinx as a new resident. This black-haired stray cat was born with a physical condition called polydactyly. In other words, this feline has more toes than its «normal» felines, which have 5 on each of their front feet and 4 on their hind feet.

A characteristic that does not cause him any discomfort or pain. On the contrary, as it even brought him great success on social media.

«Jinx doesn’t have extra fingers, he has extra paws, and he plans to use them to take over the world!» joked the Kansas Humane Society, introducing the cat on his Facebook page.

The association wanted to clarify that «although polydactyl cats have this genetic anomaly, it does not cause them pain or health problems.» They just have extra fingers.”

Taken the next day

Everything has gone very fast since this post. She was published on Wednesday, March 2, and Jinx was adopted the following day by Wichita resident Rebel O’Connor.

It was she who reported this, commenting on an Instagram post from the shelter: “I adopted this curious baby! It fits perfectly into our house! «Jinx’s new life is starting in the best possible way…

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