Homeless cat learned to trust people thanks to a volunteer who picked her up with kittens!

Ontario, Canada-based Salty Animal Rescue co-founder Carly Saltarski was contacted about a stray cat who had just given birth in the home and needed to be rescued along with her cubs.

The cat just gave birth to 2 kittens in the garage. It was difficult for the owners to find them, the mother hid them under the roof. Carly Saltarski came to pick up all three.

The cat, who was named Ricky, was very afraid of people. At the slightest approach, she curled up and protected her kittens. Every time Carly Saltarski entered the room she had prepared for her, the volunteer greeted her with a hostile whistle. Far from discouraged, the latter knew it was only a matter of time before the cat would trust her.

The kittens, who were named Bubbles and Julian, grew up and began to stand on their paws and then walk. Since then, it has become a habit for them to come to Karl Soltarsky without fear. Seeing them do this, Riki, in turn, realized that she was safe next to her benefactress.

A happy life awaits Ricky and her kids!

Gradually she fell in love with affection and attention. «The progress she’s made is huge,» said Carly Saltarski. This means that she will be able to lead a happy life in a family once her children are independent and she will be fully examined and taken care of.”

Every day Ricky becomes more and more relaxed and confident. Bubbles and Julian have become a little more independent, she now has more time to devote herself. Carly Saltarski is excited to be a part of this transformation and to do her part. She is especially happy to know that the cat and her two kittens will no longer have to roam the house.

“With all the hard times that come with salvation, times like these keep us moving forward,” concludes the volunteer.

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