Hoarding case involving over 50 cats impacting crowded Manatee County shelters!

After examining the elderly lady, the health authorities found that, unfortunately, it was already too late for the owner of the premises. Then I had to play for dozens of cats who lived in this house in deplorable conditions.
Shelters in Manatee County, Florida are overwhelmed after a massive influx of cats was found in a deceased person. It is reported by WFLA on Wednesday, August 3.

On that day, county animal welfare officials stepped in in an unsanitary situation to take felines and entrust them to various reception services in the region.

Two weeks earlier, a relative of the deceased, worried about the latter, turned to the service with a request to visit him. Arriving at this 80-year-old lady, her agents found her lifeless body, as well as many cats moving around the house. An autopsy revealed that she died of natural causes.

On Wednesday, 51 cats were evacuated from said house, but authorities are to rescue 20 to 30 other cats hiding in niches in the house, in particular in the attic.


Some of the rescued cats have been placed with foster families. The rest receive care in shelters, expecting to find a home for them too. Most suffer from respiratory, eye and parasitic diseases.

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