His Trauma Is Comparable To Being Hit Or Thrown From A Moving Car

Stray dogs are not uncommon in the UK. However, this young Cocker seemed to suffer terribly. Luckily the association took care of him and the veterinarian followed him. What they found is staggering.

On May 21, 2022, a Good Samaritan spotted a small lame dog on the street of the village of hartlip
in Kent, UK. He seemed to be in pain and expressed a need for help. The man immediately contacted the Swale Local City Council stray dog ​​shelter, where he was admitted. Members of the association then took him to a veterinarian at Newnham Court Clinic in Kent to investigate the cause of his wobbly gait. “After minimal improvement over the weekend, the kennels have made the decision to take him in for further investigation,” a spokesperson for the shelter said.

A diagnosis that will leave you speechless!

The vets performed a general examination as well as X-rays to look for any lesions. Their verdict is final: «His injury is comparable to being hit or thrown from a moving car,» they told the Mirror.

It turned out that the dog, named Beethoven, had a spinal injury, 2 broken legs, and a host of other long-standing injuries that must have healed on their own.

The healers determined that Beethoven must have been between 18 months and 2 years old, and therefore there is a strong possibility that he was abused from birth. Unfortunately, its owner could not be found. Cocker was microchipped but not registered.


The marathon was launched on social media to raise funds needed for Beethoven’s veterinary expenses. To date, more than 2,000 euros have been collected.

Healers assure that since he was given first aid, Beethoven no longer suffers. Once the young dog is fully recovered, he can be adopted into a loving home. Meanwhile, he recuperates with his foster family.

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