Hilarious video of a greedy dog who did not miss the opportunity to steal from a delivery man… Tap the link and watch a video!

Rosalson Melo is a young employee of a Brazilian restaurant. He is responsible for delivering gourmet meals meticulously prepared by the chef to customers.

Earlier in September, he left as usual with his scooter, equipped with an insulated bag filled with various controls, to fulfill his mission of the day: to satisfy the taste of consumers.
Arriving at the house, he got out of the car, opened the bag and grabbed the dish to deliver it to the gate of the house. However, during the operation, he accidentally dropped a well-packaged order on the ground.

Caramel, a cute dog that was passing by at that time, sniffed the appetizing dish and, naturally, grabbed it. He can be seen making himself comfortable on the other side of the roadway to rip off the wrapping with his fangs and feast.

Roselson was left speechless when he found his bag empty, even though he was still waiting for the delivery.

«The customer didn’t believe there was no more food,» said Tarles Costa, the owner of the restaurant.
The young courier must have feared trouble with his employer and begged for his good faith. He did not leave his scooter for a minute and could not understand how this could happen.

“He arrived at the bistro puzzled, not knowing what to do,” Tarles confirmed cheerfully.

Therefore, the two men asked permission to view the security cameras in the premises. It was there that they discovered the petty thief and his misdeeds.

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