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Penny’s condition was heartbreaking. The neglect and acts of cruelty to which she has been subjected have left indelible scars, but her rescuers are determined to do everything possible to ensure that she enjoys a pleasant and peaceful life.
The Good Samaritan picked up Penny as she walked down Lincoln Avenue in Hubbard, Ohio, in the United States. It was obvious that the young dog needed help. So the man immediately took her to The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project, a pet rescue organization.

As soon as Penny arrived, the situation became dramatic. She was very emaciated, her ears were cut off, and the gaping wound on the back of her torso was full of maggots.

Faced with such suffering, the shelter volunteers feel helpless. However, Penny deserves the care she needs. “His condition upon arrival was, to put it mildly, heartbreaking. We also noticed that he seemed to have a problem in his mouth that was limiting his ability to eat and drink,” said Jason Cook, founder of the center.
The animal doctor did find 2 small tumors that will need to be removed during surgery. In addition, one of his lips is completely torn off from the gum line. In addition, he is missing almost all of his teeth and tongue due to an injury.

“For the foreseeable future, she will need to be hand-fed and syringed… She also cannot breathe, so she should avoid high temperatures,” Jason added.

Against all odds, Penny shows unparalleled resilience and is grateful for the shelter’s volunteers. She has a long way to go before she can enjoy life, but her rescuers are convinced that she will be able to adjust. “She is a very loving and very sweet girl. She definitely has the will to live and still acts like a normal dog in every other way,” the rep said.

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