Her name ? Happy. The puppy was trampled by a horse and lost a leg. Tap and watch a video!

Happy lives up to its name. A 5-week-old puppy does not let any of life’s difficulties break him and is naturally in a good mood. However, a small dog about 3 apples in size was the victim of a terrible accident, according to People magazine.

“3 days ago I was trampled by a horse and I broke my leg… The veterinarian couldn’t cure my leg, so it had to be amputated,” volunteers wrote on the Center’s Facebook page. In the photograph accompanying the message, we see an animal in black and white wool, standing on its three remaining limbs. The stitches, remnants of the delicate operation to save him, are clearly visible. Young Happy is back.

A few days later, the shelter staff reported positive news about their protégé. Adorable puppy, a Border Collie mix, is actively recovering from surgery. In the video from March 31, 2022, we can see how the young warrior moves on three legs… just 2 days after the intervention!

Over time, Happy recovers and even begins to play. For healers, this is a glorious victory. The pup who was badly injured by the horse is doing great today and is clearly ready to move on.

According to From Heaven to Earth Rescue, the organization that adopted him, Happy will be available for adoption when he is 8 weeks old. In anticipation of his new eternal family, the fluffy ball is pampered by his saviors, for whom he has become a real source of inspiration.

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