Henry the dog and Baloo the cat: inseparable travel friends. Tap the link and watch that amazing story of a real friendship.

Once a couple from the US state of Colorado adopted a dog named Henry from a shelter, and a few years later they adopted a kitten, Baloo. Surprisingly, the animals immediately found a common language and, moreover, became inseparable friends.

Cynthia Bennet and her husband are very fond of traveling, preferring outdoor recreation, hiking in the mountains and just long walks.

Ever since having furry friends in their family, the couple has been taking them everywhere with them. Cynthia blogs about her family’s adventures, and if you look closely at the photos, you can see a fun fact: Baloo loves to lie on the dog’s head, for which he was nicknamed «hat-cat» on the net.

Watch the video telling this touching story of a real friendship of opposites!

Isn’t it amazing!?

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