He rescued a stray cat from dangerous bridge and gave her an affectionate name!

Officer Wendt was informed that a beautiful black and white stray cat was dangerously roaming the road in search of a way out. The Good Samaritan did not hesitate for a second and went to the scene. Noticing an animal in a very bad position, he stopped traffic to catch it.

The cat was scared and frightened. Therefore, the task turned out to be more difficult than expected. However, Officer Wrendt did not give up, and after several minutes of effort, he finally managed to get the cat to safety in his car.

The Good Samaritan then headed to the Charleston Animal Society Orphanage to be taken care of by specialists.

Young cat examined by a veterinarian. He confirmed that he received only a superficial injury, and this should be quickly forgotten. In addition, he did not have any consequences associated with the life of a stray cat (underweight or infestation).

Therefore, the cat is currently recovering from his emotions with caring volunteers.

Officer Wrendt, who was somewhat attached to the fluffy ball, affectionately wished to call him Officer Mustachioed.

This was reported on the page of the police station in Facebook. The community was very interested in the good news.

You can really read in the comments: “Wendt should take a cat … They now have a special connection”, “Oh, God! You are his hero» or «Thank you a thousand times for him».

Without being identified, he will indeed soon be offered for adoption if his owners do not show up. Perhaps his savior will allow himself to be moved, and he will want to team up with his recruit Officer Mustache for life.

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