He had to explain to his daughter that the cat would most likely not return, but something unexpected happened 8 months later…

Stephen Hurley lives in Eastpoint, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, where he and his cat moved after their divorce.

He was very attached to a cat named Connor, as was his 13-year-old daughter, who received him as a birthday present.
In January 2022, shortly after the move, the four-legged went for a walk, but never returned from the walk. Stephen Hurley searched in vain for him everywhere.

The more time passed, the more his hopes faded. The hardest part was telling his daughter that she would probably never see her cat again.

For Stephen Hurley, Connor was definitely lost, having wandered too far from home, as he didn’t know the place yet. He was leaving. He did it even in cold weather.

Despite wanted posters posted on social media and help from neighbors, Connor was never found.

What Stephen Hurley didn’t know was that his cat was only a few blocks away from him. He regularly appeared in front of the couple’s house, who began to feed and care for him.
Recently, his benefactors took him to the vet for vaccinations. It was there that it turned out that he had an identification chip.

“When I listened to the voice mail from the vet,” Stephen Hurley told Macomb Daily, “I just thought that after so many years, Connor couldn’t be found.” However, it was.

He did not fail to thank the couple for taking such good care of the animal. This is the much more mature Connor he found 8 months later. “When he left, he was halfway between a kitten and an adult who looked a bit like a teenager. When I picked him up, he was already a big boy,” his owner said about it.

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