He finds Funny Way To Feed A Stray Cat (Video)

The video, posted on Reddit, touched and amused many Internet users. It depicts a stray cat being served food via a remote-controlled car. Everything is filmed thanks to a mini camera mounted on a toy. The cat would not be the only street animal fed in this way.

Some stray cats do not allow themselves to be easily approached when we want to help them, in particular by giving them something to eat. Unaccustomed to interacting with people or traumatized by some people, they take much longer than others to confide.

This is likely the case of the cat, seen in a video posted on Reddit on May 29 that went viral due to an ingenious method found by its author to feed felines.

A video that has already garnered nearly 100,000 votes and generated over 600 comments.

The episode (below) was filmed with a mini-camera mounted on a radio-controlled toy. Above him is a bowl of cat food. The car rushes to the shop window, where a stray cat is hiding behind a post. As soon as food is served to her, she gets up and goes to feast.

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