He came out of his shell and fully embraced the indoor life. The story of Butterball. Tap and watch a video!

This gorgeous ginger kitten was found and then placed in a foster home while he socializes. Today, the Butterball has evolved into a versatile young pet.

The Butterball was hosted by Jennifer, a volunteer at the IndyHumane shelter located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Upon arrival, the little cat was afraid of people (and was covered in fleas). He did not dare to come out of his hiding place and hissed as hard as he could. Jennifer had to be kind and patient.

A few days later, the Butterball finally got out of its shell. He began to play, purr and meow to call his surrogate mother. A victory for Jennifer, who has become attached to this little helpless creature. «He’s a very happy, playful, confident guy,» she said.

He spent the last 2 weeks with Jennifer, enjoying his newfound friendship with other orphaned kittens, and then he was adopted.

Today, Butterball is enjoying a loving home with two feline friends. Wild games intersperse their days between two relaxing sleeps in a cozy nest.
The little kitten has turned into a beautiful adult cat, full of life and tenderness. He likes to snuggle into his masters’ laps to make the most of their petting. Heartfelt happy ending.

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