Having lost his family, Orion lost all hope of finding a happy and serene life, but something else was prepared for him!

For a cat that has known only one family for most of its existence, losing it overnight is a real tragedy. Orion, a 16-year-old cat, had to go through this ordeal.

The animal was taken care of by the Kitty Adventure Rescue League team, a shelter located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Overwhelmed with grief and not understanding what was happening to him, the elderly cat no longer thought about how to survive this or find love. He had no idea that life had a pleasant surprise in store for him.

The Kitty Adventure Rescue League primarily accepts older cats like Orion, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful retirement where they get all the attention they deserve. Ideally, the association finds new loving homes for them.

From disappointment and sadness to a new discovery of love

Orion, on the other hand, appeared to be subdued and completely resigned. Fortunately, within a week he began to realize that he was in good hands and could feel at home in the shelter. Then he gradually relaxed, the one who preferred to hide and trust no one.

The cat even began to ask for friendship and affection from volunteers. Today, he finally considers them his family. Thanks to them, he no longer has to live in uncertainty and loneliness.

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