Having lost almost everything after a terrible fire, the family is nonetheless grateful for the rescue of their four-legged pet.

The quick and efficient action of the firefighters was critical for a cat who risked the worst, one who was trapped in his owners’ burning house.

The rescue of the black-robed animal took place on Saturday, September 3 in Heber City, northern Utah.

Around 6:00 p.m. local time that day, the Wasatch Fire District Fire and Rescue Department was notified of the incident and dispatched a brigade to the scene. The building was already engulfed in flames, thick smoke pouring from the windows and roof.

All the tenants had already left in time, but their cat was still inside. While firefighters battled the fire, others searched the rooms of the house looking for people to evacuate. They then located the feline and immediately took it outside, away from the flames, poisonous fumes, and extreme heat.

With the support of his colleagues, he was administered oxygen using a small mask specially designed for pets.

Safe and sound, the «lucky cat» was handed over to relieved people. Despite the scale of the disaster, thankfully there are no casualties to be regretted, the Wasatch Fire District said on its Facebook page.

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