Happy To Visit His Grandmother, This Adorable Dog Brings Her His Favorite Toy!

After finding out that he was going to his grandmother, the dog Baxter decided to go with his favorite toy. Most likely to show her or maybe even give it to her.

Like a child who takes his favorite toy with him when he goes out with his parents, this adorable dog named Baxter took his new favorite toy when his owners announced they were going to visit their grandmother.

This is something we can understand by discovering a video posted on a TikTok account of which this Pitbull, Baxter Logan Pierce, is the star. Only 14 seconds long and aired by Newsweek, this short episode quickly went viral, easily surpassing 150,000 views and generating tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from gentle netizens.

In the video, you can see how the four-legged calmly walks down the street, holding some object firmly in his mouth. According to the image caption, this is his new favorite toy that he picks up for a special occasion.

In fact, the author of the video explains that “I asked him if he would like to go to his grandmother with a toy. He took his new favorite toy and took it to her.

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