Grieving the loss of her master, Cinnamon waits to find a new loving family.

Cinnamon was everything to its owner, John McGurk. He loved this dog very much, which provided him with the most valuable emotional support, a dog who survived the psychological trauma of his past as a soldier and a New York police officer. Now she wants to be adopted.

A small Christmas decoration featuring a female Pit Bull’s cross and her name is one of those little courtesies that show a veteran’s love for his four-legged friend.

Liz Keller , founder of the Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers , still has tears in her eyes when she remembers discovering the item while unpacking Cinnamon ‘s belongings . “I was really touched by how much this man loved this dog, and the thought that no one would look for her,” she was touched.

John McGurk died last December in a tragic accident. For several months, his two brothers tried to find a loving family for Cinnamon, but to no avail. They then contacted Rescue Dogs rescue soldiers. Based in Cherry Valley, New York, this organization trains and deploys dogs to provide emotional support to wounded or injured soldiers. The dogs come, for the most part, from shelters.

Cinnamon also lived in an orphanage before she was adopted by John McGurk, who served in the US Air Force and later in the NYPD. He was one of the police officers who intervened at the sites of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Now Cinnamon is 7 years old, she was the fourth and last dog adopted from the shelter by her late owner.

Liz Keller hopes to find him a new home as soon as possible. Affectionate and infinitely loyal, the ideal for this dog would be that she would be the only pet in her future family.

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