Good Samaritan Saved Animal Shelter… Click the link and you’ll be amazed!

Animal welfare associations bear enormous costs: food, maintenance and infrastructure, care, interventions, etc. Only donations can allow them to meet their needs and thus fulfill their mission. The Societat Protectora D’Animals De Catalunya faced significant debt that threatened the future of the center. Until the Good Samaritan came to her rescue.

The Societat Protectora D’Animals De Catalunya ( SPAC ) is located in Torredembarra in Eastern Spain . For 25 years, he has adopted and cared for more than 300 animals: dogs, cats, birds, as well as goats, horses and sheep.

At the end of 2021, the center was running a financial shortfall and a permanent closure was considered due to these economic problems.
SPAC did have a debt of €120,000 corresponding to the entry fee for the sale of the land.
So a fundraising campaign was launched.

All the shelter volunteers were in despair. The thought of abandoning all their boarders broke their hearts. And yet, on November 21, 2021, they received a check in the amount of 70,000 euros. No one knows until now who is behind this good deed, because a person wants to remain in the shadows.

“We thought we were dreaming! All our difficulties flew away as if by magic. The animals didn’t understand why we were jumping for joy,» a spokesperson for Chats-Chiens said.
The orphanage was thus able to pay off more than half of its debt and borrow the remainder. Some expenses were also made in favor of animal welfare: toys, cozy baskets, leashes and harnesses…
Residents now benefit from receiving in the best possible conditions.

The SPAC has effectively gone from a worrying deficit to a thriving solvency. The director and all speakers express their deepest gratitude and wished to thank their Good Samaritan heartily.

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