Golden Retriever Showing Impressive Composure In Front Of The Meat!

The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog. It is not uncommon to discover their exploits in various fields on the Internet. Young Ellie did not stand aside either. She proves how capable she is of controlling her greedy impulses in a video that has left netizens amazed.

Kevin Bubolz is the proud owner of Ellie, a beautiful golden retriever. These two have a very close relationship. Kevin regularly teaches his smart dog new tricks and posts videos of her skill on the TikTok account dedicated to her furball.

Her playful and friendly face melted the hearts of those around her. Episodes in which Ellie walks on the beach, hugs her owner, or even attends a baseball game gain several million views.

However, the one that has achieved records is that Ellie resisted the temptation of a good steak and steaming chicken fillet for long seconds. The endurance test before a good meal is undoubtedly the most difficult for greedy dogs.

We see Kevin place two plates right under his dog’s nose, make him taste the food, and then tell him to wait. He then leaves the room for almost 10 seconds (infinitely).

Ellie demonstrates incredible self-control. Her pretty face, looking at the pieces of meat with envy, just wants to crunch. The female does not even drool and calmly waits for the approval of her master.
In the end, Kevin returns in triumph and rewards his dear Ellie as he should. Goldena is offered a choice of a piece of red meat or white meat. She chooses a very juicy steak without hesitation, but is also happy to be tempted by the chicken.

The videos on the platform have been viewed more than 21 million times. Today, Ellie and Kevin continue to delight Internet users with their ever more fun and touching adventures.

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