German Shepherds Are Bird Friendly And Show Delicacy And Kindness!

The German Shepherd is an athletic exercise dog. In addition, he is also an affectionate dog, quite calm and very protective. These videos prove it! It is unusual to see how dogs are friends with birds. However, the breeder has made a bet and the videos he posts online will melt hearts.

Jakoba German Shepherds is a professional German Shepherd breeder. He lives with his entire flock in Tusla, Oklahoma in the USA, and has an undisguised passion for this breed of dog.

Indeed, he explains that ever since he rescued Mika, his first herding dog, his admiration for these canines has never left him. A year later, he adopted a second specimen, this time a male, to start his own breeding.

All puppies born to German Shepherd Jakoba are raised in the family home and not in a kennel. In this way, optimal socialization is ensured. «We think it’s important to interact with puppies on a daily basis as they develop quickly and often show their startle reflex,» he said.

In addition, the breeder trains his dogs to communicate with other species. Perhaps he did not expect his German Shepherds to take such good care of the chicks. It can be seen that puppies are also taught to play with chickens from an early age. The breeder makes touching videos that combine training (particularly «standing still» with the chick on its nose) and moments of spontaneous exchange.

The sequences posted on TikTok are causing a buzz. Each of them has several million views in just a few days. As for the dog profile, it has over 695,700 followers who look forward to discovering a new DogTok every day.

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