From Egypt to Canada… For the sake of happiness to be in a new family, a lonely dog went on a long journey!

This charming dog with kind eyes is called Levi. It is hard to imagine that the glorious red-haired «boy» was alone on the streets of Cairo.
The poor dog was just one of thousands of pets abandoned by the owners, but it was he who became the hero of our story, because he was lucky. After several months of loneliness and sadness, he finally found a family that loved him with all his heart.

When good people found out about the dog, Levi’s life changed. The dusty streets gave way to a cozy home, and the suffocating climate of Egypt was left behind, giving way to cooler Canada.
Here our hero began to live and live. True, the flight and the first acquaintance with the owners were very difficult, because the dog had never flown by plane before. He was excited and nervous the whole way. In addition, the path was long and Levi was very tired.

When, after almost 17 hours of travel, the dog was at home, a surprise awaited him: the pet had to get to know the cat. Gus, as the purr is called, was somewhat surprised by the appearance of a new family member, but after a while they nevertheless became friends. At least sometimes they can even be caught in an embrace!


And then the dog began to get used to the new environment. Levi was given toys that the pet is happy to play with. He is active and energetic, so he loves to run and frolic.
And not so long ago, Levi saw snow for the first time and took it with great delight! The owners, however, understand that it is unusually cold for him, but the dog is definitely not opposed to running around on a white “blanket”.

Needless to say, a smile appears on Levi’s muzzle more and more often, because he feels the love of the owners! And for sadness, our hero definitely has no reason!

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