Former stray dog retrained and now provides emotional support to the Ukrainians !

The World Organization for Animal Protection FOUR PAWS has been participating in the Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) program since 2018. It consists of selecting stray dogs, then training them before they are certified by an expert to become service and therapy dogs. Now the project is working with Ukrainian soldiers returning from the war.

Busya is a cute dog that once roamed the streets of Lviv, Ukraine. It was collected by the FOUR PAWS association headquartered in England.

Indeed, Busia, despite her chaotic life until then, showed an innate ability to care for others. So her caregivers trained her to become a help dog through canine therapy. “She passed all the tests with flying colors,” a spokesperson said.

It is by showing altruism and benevolence that Busya benefits others. War survivors are often buried in silence and can open up more easily with the help of therapy dogs.

Busya is able to sense human feelings such as anxiety, sadness, and fear. She naturally goes to her patient to bring him peace and serenity and thus creates an atmosphere of trust.

“The main task of Busia is to support and assist in the rehabilitation of soldiers after they have been exposed to combat, rescue operations or injuries, in order to prevent post-traumatic stress,” the psychologist explained.

Busya is now satisfied with her new role and has found solace in her mission. She feels useful and is now pampered by the association’s volunteers, who consider her a full member of the organization.

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