For Two Days The Raccoon Crawled On The Tower Of The Skyscraper! Without Water And Food…

New social media sensation! A spider raccoon in search of a nest of pigeons wanted to eat their eggs in the city of Saint Paul and climbed the walls of a skyscraper.
Raccoon, initially, did not plan to climb so high. But out of desperation, he did what no one had done before him!

Without water and food, the poor raccoon spent two days hanging on the walls of a concrete skyscraper between earth and sky…
Its ascent attracted crowds of people who watched the animal from below with a beating heart …

The crowd of people, noticing the spider raccoon, watched the fate of the raccoon with bated breath.

The raccoon began to climb higher …

… And higher…

Higher and higher!

Spiderman, but in the body of a raccoon)
The windows in the building, unfortunately, did not open and were deaf. At least it was impossible to feed the raccoon.

The animal looked out the windows of the offices with a sad look. And noticing that he was being filmed from the offices, he put his wool in order. What if it gets shown on TV?

Many brands began to release clothes with the famous raccoon.

The raccoon climbed floor after floor as videos and photos with the #mprraccoon hashtag went flying on social media!
Something went wrong with the animal between the 18th and 23rd floors, he climbed up and then slid down and did not move, in fact, towards the roof.
But then the raccoon fixed his internal devices — and … here they are, the last meters!

On the roof of a skyscraper, a trap was prepared for a raccoon, a cage with various goodies. From fright, the raccoon could not get on the roof if he saw rescuers on it. He could fall down, simply.

The smells of sweets beckoned the animal and he got into a slammed cage!

The raccoon is mostly a nocturnal animal. However, our hero, used to living in a metropolis and getting his own food himself, people did not frighten him at all.
Now everything is fine with the spider raccoon. And this is the main point!

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