Flora has wide eyes, but she has become a supermodel! Here is the story of a dog that was found injured on the street and is featured in an advertising campaign today.

It was on the streets of Bristol, England that a female Boston Terrier was discovered. For about a year, the poor animal dragged its wounded paw with a bang and suffered from macro blepharon, an anomaly characterized by a large eye opening. “His eyelids weren’t big enough to hide his big eyes,”.

The dog, named Flora, was taken into the care of the Bristol Animal Rescue Center in early 2021. Thanks to numerous donations, the ball of wool has received the right to several operations. Well-groomed and perfectly healthy, she was offered for adoption.
Vikki Carter, a resident of Brislington, literally fell in love with her charming face. Today, Flora is enjoying her best life in a loving home.

The company was looking for four-legged additions to its new beer can models. Flora is one of the lucky ones, and she ends up in an advertising campaign with many relatives. «It’s not often that one of our dogs becomes famous, but if anyone deserves credit for everything they’ve been through, it’s Flora,» said Jody Hayward, manager of the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre.

Despite her differences, the female Boston Terrier is just as lucky as other dogs. “The main reason for producing this beer was to raise awareness about the wellbeing and care of our pets, and the importance of their companionship,” explained Annie Clements, co-founder of the brewery, thank you beautiful Flora, you are a super star!»

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