Firefighters Evacuate a Dog From 15-Foot Hole

The dog, which fell into a hole several meters deep, was rescued by firefighters from two separate rescue centers. Firefighters joined forces to retrieve her from the pit and hand her over to her family.

The rescue took place in Paxton, Florida. Pre-arranged help arrived at the scene around 15:00 local time. South Walton firefighters and their counterparts from Walton County worked together during this particularly delicate intervention. The Animal Control Service of the District Police assisted them.

The cavity was 5 meters deep. Firefighters first assessed the situation; in particular by asking how the female Weimaraner was feeling and, using a gas analyzer, about the quality of the air around her.

Caresses and family reunion after rescue

Then they set up a ladder there so that one of them, tied with ropes, could descend. Rescuers made a harness for the animal made from elements of nets, after which they brought a dog to the surface, which was described as “very friendly”.

Once the operation was completed, the hole was sealed by the Walton County Department of Public Works to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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