Finally, after months of waiting and hoping, the dog was offered what he had always dreamed of!

the broken heart of a lonely animal deserves to be healed. Luke spent over 200 days at Battersea Brands Hatch in Kent, England, according to People magazine. Days, weeks and months passed, but there was not a single application for adoption on the horizon.

To help him find what he’s looking for, volunteers organized a Valentine’s Day party for him. The poor dog felt more alone that day than ever: no one deigned to respond to the invitation.

This story, which hit the headlines in the UK, touched many. In desperation, fans from all over the world sent her love letters, toys and donations. For the first time in his life, Luke stepped out of the shadows.

Goodbye loneliness!

In the end, the animal’s failure allowed him to survive the most important encounter of his life. After learning her story, Carl and Jill Kendrick, parents of two daughters, decided to contact her. After studying their dossier, the shelter staff was convinced that the Kendricks would be the perfect family for their protégé.

After 225 days of waiting, Luke moved to Derbyshire. His broken heart has been repaired thanks to his new owners who are doing everything to make him forget his past and make him happy.

A few weeks after his arrival, the dog perfectly adapted to family life. “Since we brought him home, he has been the perfect dog,” his adoptive father said, “we already love him so much and would not change him for anything in the world. The Kendricks were lucky to have Luke by their side. Now the 5-year-old dog will never spend Valentine’s Day alone again.

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