Fearless Cat Is Not Afraid To Fight A Brown Bear To Protect His Owners

Cats sometimes impress with their courage when it comes to protecting family members. This is evidenced by a beautiful black cat hiking along a trail inhabited by brown bears along with their owners. Obviously, the bear did not expect such a reaction from the feline.

A group of friends went camping near the Angara River in Russia, an area naturally inhabited by wild brown bears. Often, some specimens appear, attracted by the smells of food from a picnic of tourists. Vaska, the cat of one couple, was on the way and was enjoying a well-deserved rest by the fire when the bear appeared.

Vaska is in control!

Tourists who found themselves face to face with a wild animal were shocked. Surprisingly, one of them still grabbed the camera to film the scene. Vaska demonstrates in the video that the size of the opponent does not matter much, but it’s all about the power of persuasion. The cat managed to scare away the bear, who seems to be stunned by the determination and aggressiveness of such a small creature.

Vaska was not afraid, even when the bear stood on its hind legs and towered over him to its full height. Luckily, the intruder finally decided to back off and let the group of tourists finish their meal in peace. Vaska accepted the congratulations of the entire troupe, grateful and admiring his feat.

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