Fall Asleep Baby, I’m Here With You!

Baby Arabella was only a few days old, but she has already learned a lot about dog loyalty.
Immediately after the girl left the hospital, her parents made the decision to leave the house in Florida due to the impending hurricane Irma. They intended to go to Tennessee to their relatives.

“We didn’t plan to leave, but then the forecasts changed a little, and we realized that our house could be in the path of a hurricane. I made the decision to evacuate immediately,” said the head of the family, Nick.

The family decided that the safest option would be to travel in their own car. They quickly packed their things and hit the road. Of course they couldn’t leave their three dogs behind!

Two of the pets were in the front, and the French bulldog Ziggy, along with Arabella and her mother, were in the back seat.

The parents of the baby were a little worried about how the dog would react to the child. But there was no need to worry! The dog guarded and entertained the baby as best he could — so that the baby would not cry.))

“Sigi is a very calm dog, but he has never encountered newborn children. We were very stunned when we noticed how our pet was staring at Arabella.

He never took his eyes off her the whole way. Sigi looked after the baby, even when we had to be distracted by current affairs. He seemed to understand that she needed protection! ”Nick says.

Interestingly, other pets were not so caring. They just slept the whole way. ))

Such an unplanned trip with a small child is a lot of stress. But thanks to Ziggy’s endurance, the family was able to relax a bit. They made it safely to Tennessee, where they waited out the elements!

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