«Fairies» of the Voluntary Association care for a kitten that suffered a fall from a height of several meters!

Hiko is a little kitten that fell out of its nest. After falling from a few meters, the seriously injured animal was taken care of by the Cergy-Pontoise Felinological Association (AFELP). A recipe for volunteers to help him get back on his feet? A pinch of care, a hint of goodwill and a good ladle of love!
A long time ago, a kitten thought he was a bird. One evening, a resident of the house, peacefully settled on his balcony, saw him fall from several floors. Accident or deliberate action? Nobody has an answer.

Anyway, the hairball landed on the grass with a fracture of the femur and head of the femur. Sensitive to this fallen angel’s suffering, the witness of the scene immediately contacted the AFELP fairies to give him a chance to survive.

As for the owners of the animal, they did not want to know anything. No complaints, no explanations. The good ladies didn’t «wait from noon until two o’clock» and slipped him under their wings to take him to the vet.

Alas, his curse was not limited to a «simple» fall. The misadventures of the feline, who at that time was 4 months old, were far from over. His fragile and youthful body, which suffered from serious injuries, did not escape the blows of the scalpel.

Indeed, at the end of January 2022, the survivor found himself lying on the operating table. The next day, he began to recover with Karin.

It is hard for a kitten to wait wisely in a cage for more than a month! Jumping and frolicking: prohibited actions until he recovers. Forced rest!
“He was given anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain,” said Karin, “I let him go under observation. The kitten loves to play and is mobile, it is difficult to stay locked up… At the same time, he did not ask for anything and did not try to get out. He probably thought it was for his own good. »

Hiko may have been thrown into the void, but he was lucky enough to fall into the arms of caring people.

Surgery, medication, immobilization… a young hero with a long mustache overcame trials without worry, thanks to the magic of love.
After all, «animals are the angels of this earth,» as a Peruvian proverb so aptly puts it. Hiko may not have wings, but in the end he still managed to «fly».

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