Even though Santana has cancer, he is determined to enjoy life to the fullest!

The seriously ill cat has given a real lesson in determination to everyone who meets him, as he was taken into the care of the California Association for the Protection of Animals.
Santana, in great pain, was spotted by the family while walking around his neighborhood in San Bernardino, California. She began to feed him, but it was clear that he needed care. She then contacted a local shelter dubbed «The Cats of San Bernardino» about him.

When he arrived at the shelter, Santana was very thin, despite the efforts of the family in question. He suffered from dental and respiratory problems as well as infections. Veterinarians also discovered that he had terminal cancer.
“Santana makes small progress every day,” the association continues. He starts drinking again on his own and in large quantities, which is a novelty. The cat loves to cuddle and is used to cuddling up to volunteers to sleep.

Despite the illness, due to which he did not have long to live, Santana lives every moment tensely and radiates with his good mood to everyone around him.

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