Euthanasia of a pet is one of the most painful decisions an owner can make… Click and see the story of Ellie and her dog Baxter!

In a video posted to TikTok on July 21, the girl immortalized the last day of her friend Shar Pei, who has been a part of her life for 12 years.

The sequence shows the elderly and sick four-legged cuddling with Ellie Buckler and other family members, including conspecifics, tasting all types of food that are normally forbidden to dogs, and offering themselves a pleasant walk.

Baxter’s mistress wanted her last day before her fateful meeting with the vet to be special. She really was. Ellie Buckler remained by his side to the end.

The touching video ends with images of Baxter in the car, on the way to the veterinary clinic, then on the rainbow, in connection with the bridge that our animals cross to get to heaven.

Baxter has been part of the family since birth. Ellie Buckler’s parents adopted Rolo, the Shar Pei’s mother, who died in 2018. The girl could not say goodbye to the dog and did not want this to happen again with her faithful companion.

In recent years, Baxter’s health has seriously deteriorated. The vets didn’t let him live long. Everyone thought that he would not live to see his 11th birthday, but he lived and even celebrated his 12th birthday.

Then his problems got worse. The pain associated with his arthritis became unbearable, it became increasingly difficult for him to breathe, and he could no longer eat painlessly. The veterinarian advised the owners to put him on palliative care and consider euthanasia because nothing else could be done to save him.

«It was the best decision we could make for him»

The decision was made as a family and the date was set. “As heartbreaking as it was, we had to do the right thing. It would be unfair to let him continue to suffer like this,” says Ellie Buckler.

Baxter liked to sleep on the terrace. Ellie Buckler’s stepfather spent the night outside with him the night before. On the last day, after treats and visits, at 18 o’clock they took him to the veterinarian. “I stroked him during the injection, and he left in my arms,” his owner recalls, touched.

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