Eugenia Catellani and Marco are animal lovers. They adopted 3 cats in the past and the house was full of pets!

Eugenia and Marco live in Reggio Emilia, a rural town in Italy with many stray cats. The woman has always lived with cats. When she met Marco, she already had Margherita and Giovanna, the two queens of the house.


A year later, Brigitte came to complete the family. The unfortunate month old girl was found in the middle of the road by a neighbor. She looked after her dead brother. The couple took her under their wings and bottle-fed her day and night.
Thus, since 2014, a household of 2 people and 3 cats has been living happily ever after.

In September 2021, Eugenia and Marco noticed in their garden a very thin young wild cat with matted fur that would not allow anyone to approach her. He came to take advantage of the bowl left by the couple for visitors such as cats, hedgehogs and other small animals.

“He came from the fields every evening. He was so frightened that if he had caught us watching him from afar, he would have run away. In addition to croquettes, we brought a bowl of puree twice a day. But he was still terrified, and we thought that we would not be able to adopt him. Looks like he’ll never believe us».\

However, the couple did not give up, and the months went by without any improvement. But in January 2022, when frosts set in, a feral cat named Tommino agreed to take a cozy basket set up especially for him in the barn. From there, he could watch the comings and goings of his future masters, and gradually realized that they were harmless.
Tommino never left again. He decided to trust his new masters and thanked them warmly with the most beautiful purrs and hugs. “I haven’t put my paw out for more than a month. In my opinion, he was afraid to go out into the cold again, ”said Evgenia.

The three duchesses accepted the newcomer. So the couple lives today with 4 rescue cats. Marco assured that this would be the last …

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