Dwarf kitten Widget seduced her foster mother with her rather grumpy face and sweet personality!

Michelle Roberts is a foster volunteer for the Carroll County Animal Welfare Society. Therefore, she is accustomed to accepting cats of all ages into her home to take care of them and put them on their feet before they are offered for adoption.

When the kittens were admitted to the shelter at the age of 4 to 5 weeks, Michelle was assigned to take care of them. Among them, the young lady was different from her brothers and sisters. “She was smaller and lighter than the others. She also had that ‘angry cat’ face that I’ve seen before on dwarfs,» told Michelle.

In the first 2 weeks with Michelle, the entire litter has grown dramatically. But Widget remained small. However, his brash nature was not slouching.

Despite her sullen grimace, the kitten was very attached to Michelle. And a strong bond was established between them.

When the little ones reached the age and maturity to go on new adventures, they all found a family very quickly. However, Michelle was not ready to let Widget go.
So she decided to officially adopt him. “I have always said that a cat or a dog chooses its person, and not vice versa,”!

Since then, Widget has grown up and is enjoying the good life. She is very expressive and guides her little world with her wand. She weighs less than 3 kilograms, but makes up for it with great character.

In addition, she loves all the activities designed for cats: sleeping in the sun, playing with crumpled papers, or even waking up the mistress in the middle of the night.

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