During the owner’s heart attack the cat saved that women’s life! Tap the link and watch a story.

42-year-old Sam Felstead cannot thank his cat Billy, who in his eyes is a real hero. It was thanks to him that this resident of Stapleford in Nottinghamshire was able to recover in time when she had a heart attack.

She was awakened early on Monday 8 August at around 4:30 am by a 7-year-old British Shorthair. The cat clapped her paws on her chest and mewed very loudly directly into her ear. An attitude that Billy has never shown before, very calm and rather aloof.

It was then that she realized that she could not move, and felt a sharp pain in her right side. Sam Felstead did not know about her at the time, but she was suffering from a heart attack. Her cat felt that something serious was happening and tried to explain to the owner.

The 40-year-old woman called her mother Karen for help. They contacted emergency services, but no ambulance came until 2 am. Then they decided to go to the hospital.

After the examination, the doctors explained to them that Sam Felstead had a «mild» form of the attack and that if she had been treated later, the consequences would have been much more serious. Thus, Billy’s anxiety was decisive and life-saving.

“If I got up without him, it could be worse”

Its owner had a blocked artery. She says that she didn’t feel anything special the day before; no pain, not even discomfort. She walked her dogs and went to bed as usual.
«I’m just glad he woke me up,» she said. Who knows, if I got up without him, it would be worse for me. Sam Felstead will be required to take complete rest for a month and a half and be treated for life.

After lying in the hospital for 3 days, she returned home and found the brave Billy. “I think he saved my life. Everyone around me thinks so too,” she concludes.

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