Due to intense heat their chances of survival were slim. It was very difficult to save them…

Animal welfare associations constantly warn owners about the dangers of leaving a four-legged friend in the car. I remind you that when it is 22 degrees outside, the air in the cabin can very quickly rise to 40. Fortunately, these 2 puppies were rescued in time.
Shoppers at a supermarket in Surrey, a city south of London in England, spotted two young chocolate-coloured Labrador Retriever mixes locked in a car in the parking lot. Even if the window was ajar, their chances of survival were slim.

So they contacted the local RSPCA, who dispatched Chloe Wilson, a quick-witted inspector. The woman moved as quickly as possible to establish the facts and save the dogs. «People were concerned that the puppies were trapped inside a car that had been left unattended for a while,» she told Metro.

Indeed, witnesses stated that the vehicle had been at the scene of the incident since yesterday. So the dogs could have been locked up in this burning hell for at least 24 hours.

City veterinarians came to the rescue. The congregation was able to evacuate the babies named Luke and Bandit by forcing the window to close halfway. Luckily they were in good shape and the clinical examination confirmed that they were only 10 weeks old.

“Fortunately, these puppies were fine, but the end could have been much more tragic,” Chloe said. They are currently being cared for at the RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Center and are ready for adoption.

“The owner called rescuers and said that they were his dogs, but he never came to pick them up. Since then, we have tried to establish contact, but without success. The car is still in the parking lot,” the inspector explained.

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