Don’t they say you can’t lose hope in life? Almost a week after the tragic event, a cat appeared from under the rubble!

A small miracle happened in the Gastown area of Vancouver (Canada). A cat named Smokey survived a fire at the Winters Hotel, where he was staying with his feline brother and owner.

April 11, 2022 turns out to be a tragic date for the Winters Hotel in Gastown, Canada. That day Water Street and Abbot Street were covered in a thick gray fog. And it was not for nothing that the flames licked the walls of the building until it turned into a simple pile of ash. The occupants of 71 rooms were relocated to another unit on Columbia Street; unfortunately 2 people died.
A man named Lance, who lives on the 2nd floor, barely managed to escape with one of his cats, Mufasa. Unfortunately, he was unable to save his other furry friend named Smokey.

Days passed, not a trace of the animal remained. With a heavy heart, Lance accepted the death of his four-legged friend.

Don’t they say you can’t lose hope in life? Almost a week after the tragic event, a cat with gray hair appeared from under the rubble. A thin, injured, and smelling strongly of smoke, fire survivor was cared for by staff at the Vancouver Kitten Orphan Rescue Association (VOKRA), a local shelter.

The animal was given all the necessary assistance for its full recovery. During a medical examination, the healer discovered a microchip: it was Smokey, Lance’s favorite companion!

“He was so happy. He really thought the cat was dead. It’s amazing that he survived,” said VOKRA co-founder Karen Duncan. The latter indicated that the crew would offer supplies to the owner so that he could take care of his little protégé.

A beautiful and touching meeting took place on Thursday, May 5. A wide smile remained on Lance’s lips. And then, what happiness for Smokey to find his brother Mufasa! “It was very nice. The two cats kissed a bit,» a witness said.

To see the reunion of a family that has gone through such a painful ordeal is an extremely touching sight.

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