Dogs know how to express their feelings. However, this Alaskan Malamute does seem to actually talk! (Video)

Diesel is an Alaskan Malamute who has been living with his mistress, Ellie Piro, since the age of 16. She explains to Dodo that her adorable dog has always been very talkative, but this trait has become more pronounced with age. “For as long as I can remember, he always chatted with everyone we met on walks. And he got even more talkative as he got older,» Ellie said.

Diesel studied very well at the veterinary clinic. “He let them make the vaccine and then he was ready to go home,” Ellie says. As a reward, Diesel was allowed to stop by his favorite dog treat store on his way home. He continues to amuse his owners by always being so talkative, especially when bathing: “He also hates grooming himself and knows how to let us know,” Ellie jokes.

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