Dog stolen during detention finds owner after 2 years thanks to her electronic chip!

Pippa, a female cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug, was of an atypical parentage.

The poor little girl was indeed rescued in 2015 along with 340 relatives from an unscrupulous breeding operation in which the dogs were exploited in appalling conditions.

After a stay at West Wicklow SPCA, where she learned what life was like as a family dog, she was adopted by Eva Whelan.
Pippa made her family happy, she is an affectionate and obedient dog.

Therefore, Eva was devastated when, in 2020, in complete captivity, their faithful furry friend was captured in the yard of the house.
After many fruitless searches, her mistress had given up hope of ever finding her. And yet, thanks to identification, the duo reunited on September 19, 2022.

Eva was contacted by Fiona Gammel of Wicklow Animal Services. The young woman explained to him that next to her was her healthy dog, Pippa, who was looking forward to seeing her.

She also told him that a man had abandoned her at the gates of an orphanage at night, and that thanks to her microchip, she was able to identify her owners.
The reunion was touching. Eva and her daughter could not hold back their tears of joy. As for Pippa, she also expressed relief and joy.
“It was nice to see how they all reunited with each other. Her handlers felt that Pippa had lost weight, but she was fit and healthy,” Fiona said.

The question of what the dog experienced during these 2 long years remains open. However, the non-profit organization has a theory.

Pippa was probably kidnapped to be used on a puppy farm. But because she was neutered, she would ultimately be of no use, and so the intruders abandoned her.

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