Dog Saves His Owner’s Life. Amazing!

Thanks to a warning from her dog and later from her neighbor, the fallen elderly woman was miraculously saved. Grateful, she compares her four-legged friend to Lassie and describes the second dog as heroic.

The dog rescued its owner, an elderly woman in a wheelchair, after she fell while walking. The quadruped alerted the fellow, who, in turn, drew the attention of his owner to the distress of the victim. A worthy account of Lassie’s exploits, which was reported by FOX 35 on Monday, June 6th.

It happened in Orlando, Florida. Marilyn Blackmer lives at Dr. Phillips’ HarbourChase, an independent nursing home, where she shares an apartment with her best friend, a 6-year-old labradoodle named Buddy.

He is also his guardian angel, as he demonstrated that day. Moving in a wheelchair, Marilyn Blackmer went for her usual short walk in the residence’s garden, but the walk was interrupted and almost turned into a tragedy.

Before the fall, she lost consciousness. “I lost consciousness and fell on the grass. I couldn’t get up anymore,» she told FOX 35. Buddy immediately realized that his mistress was not feeling well and she needed help.
He raced across the yard to join his buddy Sammy, a 4-year-old Bichon, a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier cross, whose owner lives across the street. Alice Jossens was asleep at this time. “Sammy woke me up and dragged me to the door. I saw Marilyn lying on the ground, so we all ran out,” she said.

«He knew I was in trouble!»

Marilyn recalls the terrible loneliness she felt lying on the ground before she heard her neighbor and dogs approach. “I am deeply touched by Buddy and Alice. I don’t feel so alone anymore.»

For her, her dog simply saved her life. “Buddy has strong instincts. He is good with people. He knew that I had problems,” the pensioner continues. Sammy warned Alice no less heroically.

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