Dog Refuses To Leave Her Owner Alone In A Hospital After Saving Her Life

Initially, Ruby was a simple service dog who mainly helped her owner recover from depression. But faced with health problems, mostly cardiac, of the latter, the dog became vital to his master. So much so, that she saved his life…

“I wouldn’t be alive without her. Shauna Darcy is well aware of the importance of Ruby in her daily life. A dog that has not left her side since they started living with each other.

It was some time ago. Shauna chose Ruby to help her overcome depression and agoraphobia. A service dog that will become a real emotional and vital support in everyday life.

A few days ago, Shauna, not feeling well, calls an ambulance at Ruby’s urging. The medics arrive on time.
“I had atrial fibrillation in my heart. Shauna was taken to the hospital. During this stay, Ruby never once left her friend’s bed. She did not want to leave her alone even for a moment.

To Shauna’s delight, who can only be grateful for her dog.
“Yes, without her kind heart there was no me either …” says Shauna.

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