Doberman who just «adopts» the little cutie. Mom’s love!

A resident of the American city of Geneseo — Brittany Callan — was doing repairs with a relative, when she suddenly heard a faint meow in the garden. Looking around the yard, she discovered a tiny kitten that looked to be no more than 2-3 days old. Brittany decided to leave the baby on the street in the hope that his mother would come back for him. She waited until late at night, but the kitten was still alone and screaming, so Brittany decided to bring him into the house. The pet of the American woman, a dog of the Doberman Pinscher breed named Ruby, had just given birth, and the woman decided to put the kitten to her for the sake of experiment. The puppies did not mind — they, like the foundling, were still blind and huddled up to a new family member in search of warmth.

Brittany acted cautiously, afraid that Ruby would not accept the kitten and harm it. But, fortunately, the maternal instinct worked. The dog sniffed the baby, looked at him for a while, but then her heart took pity — she began to lick the kitten and attach it to the nipple. It was a sure sign that the mother had accepted the new cub and was ready to feed and care for it. Ruby has shown compassion for smaller animals before. Before that, she already took care of guinea pigs, rabbits and, of course, puppies — this is Ruby’s third brood.

Photos of the first meeting of the foster mother and the kitten, who got a beautiful name — Curly Rose (Rambling Rose), the hostess shared on the blog. “I can’t get enough of what a good mother for a kitten Ruby came out of,” she commented on her post. True, Rosa often refused dog milk, so Brittany supplements the foundling with mixtures. The girl got up to the cat every two hours, and in between feedings she slept, snuggling up to the puppies and her new mother.

As time went. Rose grew and gained weight well. Soon both she and the puppies opened their eyes. Two-kilogram Dobermans, with their indefatigable energy, now and then threatened to trample a small kitten, which weighed only half a kilogram. But Ruby was always there and pulled Rosa with her teeth from under the playful puppies.

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