Disabled kitten abandoned by wild mother gets second chance at shelter. Tap the link and watch a video!

Cats sometimes tend to abandon one of their young if it is undersized or defective. This is called natural selection. This kitten has paid its price. Luckily, the Good Samaritans came to his aid.

The man found a black and white kitten with deformed paws on his territory. The poor beast was alone, his mother abandoned him when she moved her stretcher.

So the man contacted the Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue (SAAR) association based in Manitoba, Canada. The institution’s medical director and reception coordinator, Rael, took him under her wing. “ He was about 5 weeks old at the time but looked smaller. He was so precious and tiny,” the woman said.

Rael did not take into account the injury of the unfortunate man and fed him regularly so that he would regain his strength. She also put it in the fleece pocket of her sweater for comfort.

“I carried him with me as long as possible to keep him warm and help him feel safe. When he was not with me, he slept curled up around a stuffed panda, Rael explained.

A feral kitten named Professor X very quickly socialized. He mewed to get his foster mother’s attention and thanked her with his loudest purr.

Professor X was born with deformed front legs and fingers due to a birth defect. “He has a partial pad and a finger on the outside of what should be his elbows. The toes on his front paws are also a little strange, but this does not affect his health, ”explained Rael.

He hardly climbs onto the sofa or climbs the stairs, but he knows how to ask his benefactor for help.

Some time later, the Rescue Squad set out to look for Professor X’s family. Thus, his brother and sister were saved one by one. On the other hand, the wild mother has been captured for the sole purpose of sterilizing her. She was then released back to her habitat.

“The kittens were very happy to be reunited,” Rael said.

Soon a small squad will be ready to go on new adventures. In the meantime, the children are enjoying the full benefits, along with Rael, the big cat, who takes care of them.

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