Diagnosis — congenital heart disease. Ocean never gave up and even became a master of agility.

Despite the heart defect, this dog lives at a speed of 1000 km/h and is in excellent shape.

However, the veterinarian told his owner, Joanna Sanderson, that he probably only had a few months to live. He himself then predicted that he would not live to see Christmas.

After 2 years, this Smooth Coated Retriever, who lives in Runcorn, Cheshire (North West England), is still alive and even full of vitality.

Ocean has tricuspid valve dysplasia, a congenital heart defect. When he should be coughing, lethargic and in a bad state, he is not like that at all. He even continues to practice agility, a discipline he excelled at from a young age.

Veterinarians don’t understand why this dog doesn’t have symptoms, but they believe the athlete’s life helps him stay healthy despite his deformity. Sports also help channel his overflowing energy.

Joanna Sanderson says she was shocked when she found out about the terrible diagnosis when her four-legged friend was 2 years old. Someone who is entitled to 3 walks a day, is agile, and has a cardiological examination every 6 months still shows no signs of weakness.

Ocean recently competed in the UKA Agility Qualifier and finished 2nd. An excellent performance for a hearty dog. This opened the doors for the final, which will take place from 21 to 23 October in Buckinghamshire.

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