Despite The Illness, He Does Not Give Up!

Houston, a cat that looks like a teddy bear, moves with his extraordinary character. Despite his illness, he does not give up. The care provided by the veterinarian opened up her gorgeous blue topaz eyes.

Houston is a somewhat amazing looking 5 year old Siamese by breed standards. His coat is curly, which gives him the appearance of a touching teddy bear. In April 2022, he was taken to Tabby’s Place cat shelter in Ringoes, New Jersey, in a sad state of mind. The poor animal seemed disoriented and a little shy, but thanks to the kindness of the volunteers, he quickly revealed his touching nature. “When he arrived, he looked like a little fluffy bear with a heart full of love and excitement to be alive,” said Angela Hartley, director of development at Tabby’s Place.

Illness to be cured

When Houston arrived at the shelter, he was emaciated and had very matted fur. In addition, the veterinarian diagnosed severe hydrocephalus that prevented him from fully opening his eyes. This disease is caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cavities of the brain, which causes swelling.

Despite everything, Houston showed clear signs of affection for his benefactors: “He began to knead with his paws while our team carefully untangled the knots in his hair,” the volunteer explains. Affectionate cat consulted a neurologist and received appropriate care for his good recovery. Once the pressure in his brain was relieved, Houston was able to fully open his eyes.

Now Houston feels better. He will be adopted soon.

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