Despite multiple treatments, only one survived. The little ball revived in a few days!

An animal shelter in Arizona, USA, adopted three weak and seriously injured kittens. Despite numerous treatments, only one survived. The little ball of hair revived in a few days.

“A woman walked through the door of the shelter in a panic and asked for help,” said Lovemeow Cara, one of the Sun Cities 4 Paws volunteers who found the 3 kittens. They were seriously injured (probably bites from another animal).

Kara and her colleague John took care of the newborns right away. Volunteers drove away fleas that frolicked on the bodies of tiny hairballs and treated their wounds. Because the kittens were frozen, they were kept warm in an incubator.


After that, Kara brought them home and looked after them 24 hours a day. Despite their best efforts, 2 felines lost the fight. The only survivor of the litter named Mendel mustered all his strength to stay alive.

As the days passed, the palm-sized kitten perked up. “He ate well, gained weight and became a very talkative guy,” Kara explained. To keep her company, a volunteer gave her a soft toy with a fake heartbeat.

When he was old enough, Mendel began to explore his new surroundings. His first steps were difficult due to leg injuries, but the young warrior never once laid down his arms. Deciding to live, he learned to walk, run and climb furniture, like his relatives.

Having improved his gait, the white-haired kitten met other members of the feline family. Sessions of hugs and games thus interrupted his days. Mendel has nothing to do with the frail creature who arrived some time ago at the orphanage.

Having passed the ordeal, Mendel brilliantly jumped to his feet like a champion. He has grown into a healthy, cheerful and happy young cat.

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