Despite her age, Flora received her share of happiness in a new family!

What could be sadder for an elderly dog ​​than to end up in a shelter after the disappearance of the owner?

The loss that Flora faced deeply troubled her. And in vain! The 12-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has previously enjoyed a happy life with a caring and loving owner.

Unfortunately, she passed away and none of her family members could take care of her.

Thus, the refuge in the Tuileries gave him a place in the lodge. But Flora had a lot of trouble adapting.

“After about ten days, she began to feel the shock. She fell into depression. We had to keep her busy as much as possible, take her out, taking great care of her age. And then we dedicated a photo shoot to him,” Anne Puggioni, director of the association, explained to the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation’s Doyens operation aims to promote the adoption of older dogs by offering a €600 contribution towards the dog’s veterinary expenses.

However, Flora’s Facebook photos have already convinced Wilfrid, a professional caretaker who can’t help but save the dogs from a golden age.

He really already took Enzo to the shelter in 2016, then Miha. When Enzo died, he wanted to contact Flore.

“I spent 3 wonderful years with Enzo. Losing him was heartbreaking. He has become so important. I was devastated and grieved for a long time. Misha came in. She did me a lot of good things, but I needed the dean so she wouldn’t be alone,” Wilfrid said.

This is how Flora was offered a new home where she could enjoy a happy old age, surrounded by love and affection.

If at first she had problems with acclimatization, today she is playful again.

“A dog in a house is better than in a box, even if the volunteers are doing their best. I am very fond of these old dogs who are the last to be adopted. By accepting Flora, I offer her the best end of life, ”concluded the man.

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