Deng Deng is real gold. The owner abandoned the dog, and seven years later it was sold for $ 25.000

Eight years ago, the owner of a one-year-old Shiba Inu brought the dog to the Animal Training Center. There, puppies are taught dog tricks — to walk and sit on command, to give a paw, not to pick up any muck from the ground. The owner of Den-Deng paid for a year of foster care and disappeared. A year has passed, the dog got used to the new family, but obviously missed the old owner. And the owner was in no hurry to return.

So Den-den grew up as a “son of a regiment” under the supervision of strangers, very busy people. He was treated kindly, but he was very lonely.
This story attracted the attention of the press; apparently, the owner of Dang-deng did not want the hype, because he paid off his debts and paid for another year of keeping the dog.
Two more years passed — and the owner of the Shiba Inu disappeared again, without making itself felt. And is it possible to call the owner of a person who does not take care of his dog, does not feed him, does not educate and does not play?

They even decided not to force the new owner to pay bills for keeping the dog; Moreover, the Center became so attached to him that they promised free medical support even after the Shiba Inu finds a new home. The starting price was symbolic — $ 78.
But the auction seemed to be broken. It was supposed to last a day, but people from all over the world came into the broadcast and poured bets; the price of the dang-deng rose, and the auction had to be extended for another five hours. Finally, the blow of the hammer confirmed the final bid: 160,000 yuan, or $25,000!

But what is the secret of such popularity of this certainly cute dog? Let’s say thank you to Elon Musk. He invented and promoted the cryptocurrency, which he named after his beloved dog, a Shiba Inu named Floki. The crypt immediately took off, as did the popularity of the breed around the world — and this played into the hands of one abandoned dog who found a new home.

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