Delicate cave rescue of a dog lost for almost 2 months. Tap the link and watch a video!

Spelunkers have joined forces to save a dog missing for 2 months, which ended up at the bottom of an underground cave. Their mission was particularly challenging given the configuration of the facility.

Lost from sight since June 9, a dog named Abby was found and rescued on August 6, almost 2 months later, by rescuers from the cave.

How did Abby end up in an underground cave when the family was looking everywhere for her? She is the only one who knows the answer to this question. It is also unknown how she was able to survive in this inhospitable and completely dark environment, even though she had access to water, freshwater fish, and crustaceans.

One way or another, as soon as they learned that the dog was in the underground galleries of Tom Moore, between Brewer and Perryville, Missouri, experts mobilized to save her.

Rick Haley and Jerry Keane are part of a group of cavers. They did not hesitate to go into this real labyrinth with a length of more than 35 kilometers. They managed to find the animal, but still had to get it out, which was far from easy.

Outside, they were assisted by Robert Kahun, deputy head of the Biele fire brigade. Together they went door to door in the neighborhood, trying to find the owners of the dog.

Finally they got to the right address. Abby’s owners couldn’t believe it, they thought they would never see her alive again after being gone for so long. Back at home, the dog is slowly recovering from his misfortune.

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