Daisy, a continental bulldog, experienced abuse when she was still a child. She is unrecognizable now!

In 2021, RSPCA inspector Ms Lupson visited a man’s home in Merseyside, England, following a report from one of her neighbors who was worried about the dog.

“She was sitting in the aisle in front of her master and seemed scared. I also noticed that even when she saw me, she did not move. She was very lethargic and calm, which is not what you would expect from an 18 week old puppy,” said the rescuer.

Indeed, Daisy was in terrible pain. She could not walk, as she received a double leg fracture, as well as a hip, ribs and jaw. In addition, Daisy had a hanging left ear, skin wounds and bruises.

“She rested her head in my palm, watching me intently as I stroked her. She seemed to be telling me: please help me. I answered him mentally: don’t worry, I won’t let you down,” said the young woman.

So Ms. Loupson grabbed her and took her to the veterinary clinic. Daisy was cared for there for many days before she joined Wirral and Chester’s orphanage. If his physical traumas were gone, his psychological trauma remained. She was sad and afraid of people.

Luckily, Emma and Jeff Rodd adopted her to give her a loving home.

Since then, the dog has flourished day by day. Mrs. Lupson visited her recently and was touched by the reception she gave her. “Daisy is full of energy and love. Seeing me, she rushed towards me running rapturously and showered me with drooling kisses,” testified the young woman in heaven.

Emma and Jeff Rodd take advantage of Daisy on a daily basis, who is clearly enjoying her new life.

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